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  • 04.01.2018

The Project

This project tells about the scars left in the landscape of Israel as a result of the six-days war

Here I present just a short selection of the picture taken in the curse of the project

  • I was born and raised in Italy. There, in the earth and stones of the Alps and the Karst plateau, the "legacy" of the “White War" of 1915-18 is engraved for ever.
  • What do the karst trenches, the alpine fortresses carved into the flanks of inaccessible mountains and the picturesque villages reduced to heaps of rubble and never rebuilt have in common to the scattered places of prayer, the miles of minefields and the bunkers that spoil and break the line of the Golan Heights and Jordan Valley landscape?
  • The silence, the absence of the man, the fierce resistance of iron and cement to a Nature that tries to reclaim what is her own, to erase and hide from sight the effects of war to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on her.
  • Photographing the traces of war and the scars it has made to the landscape is like making a portrait of History. To this rule, the places here portrayed are no exception.​
  • The visual testimonies of the six-day war start on the Golan Heights. They continue through the Jordan Valley, at Qasr el Yahud. Eventually, these testimonies finish in the desert of Judaea and on the shores of Gaza..
  • The task of documentary photography with regards to the theme of war’s landscape helps reflecting and remembering: often these ruins are the only remaining witnesses of a tragedy that has overwhelmed the lives of thousands of people. Only in this perspective silence and absence can be filled: the absence of displaced persons, as well as the deaf screams of the dead and the fallen.