• Documentary
  • 13.7.2021

The Israeli city of Sderot is presented through the eyes of Daniel, an elementary school teacher who moved there four years after fighting as a reservist in Operation Zuk Eitan.

A living Tale

"As in the tradition of auteur cinema that focuses on authenticity, perhaps thinking of a future memory as well as the present, the director observes and shoots a story that seems to unfold on its own in a living tale, because we are talking about life."

- Ariela Piattelli, Editorial Director of "Shalom" (06.07.2021)

A true story
  • Daniel, four years after the end of Operation "Tzuk Eitan", during which he fought as a reservist, makes the decision to move to Sderot in search of answers to the many questions he has asked himself during the war. In this poor and peripheral city, constantly living in the anxiety of waiting for the next round, Daniel decides to become an elementary school teacher, and it is in his school and in his relationship with his pupils that he finally finds a purpose: if he cannot have the answers he seeks, at least he can provide "his" children with the tools to find them, perhaps, one day.

Why Sritot?

Sritot was born from the need to tell this reality without falling into the pornography of pain in which sometimes there is the risk of incurring when dealing with themes related to war, any war. And in fact, more than the conflict, "Sritot" speaks to us of the unbearable wait for the next missile, as well as the scars that between one military operation and another are encrusted in the intimacy of people and on the landscape. The short film does not offer easy solutions to complex problems. Nor could it. It merely introduces us, through Daniel's doubts and dilemmas, to an Israel that is less known to the general public, but certainly worth discovering and reflecting upon.

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